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The Ever-Popular and Successful Mash-Up: Video + Email

Since the inception of email, people have trusted written content to convey their messages. However, the digital era has introduced new trends in email marketing – one of the most popular being the integration of video content.

Across major social media platforms, businesses use video to capture audiences and increase brand engagement. This digital content explosion should extend to the inboxes of your clients and prospects – and studies prove it’s effective.

A Forbes study found that brands that used video in their email marketing campaigns saw a 50% increased click-through rate and 50% more sharing and forwarding. Those are metrics screaming for you to test in your email campaigns.

When adding videos to your email body, you’ll want to display your video in a place that prompts readers to click play. Above the “fold” and a catchy image are no-brainers. To avoid any in-boxing issues, you cannot embed the actual videos in your email.

But here is the trick.

First, add an image or screen-grab from your video. Then superimpose a corresponding play button or icon that prompts users to hit play. When clicked, your reader will be directed to a landing page to view the video. Pro tip: maximize your results by embedding the video on the landing page and setting it to auto-play.

Assimilating video into your campaign has many benefits.

Using video can help build engagement and capture new subscriber leads. If your audience really enjoys your email, they are more likely to forward to a friend. Additionally, your content may be more likely published elsewhere, including other blogs, press, and social media websites.

At the end of the day, track your success!

Does your average click through rate increase with the addition of a catchy video? Have you seen a bump in subscribers?

Spice up your correspondence with something exciting and fresh and watch your campaign soar!

Let ResponseGenius help take your email marketing to the next level -

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