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The 5 Non-Negotiables for Writing Email Copy That Drives Results

It’s almost impossible to minimize the importance of copywriting in any email campaign. With subscribers being inundated with dozens, maybe even hundreds, of marketing emails a day, it’s imperative your email copy is concise and to the point when it comes to delivering subscribers the information they are seeking.

Copywriting can be time-consuming and tedious, but also a great place for brands to express themselves by adding emotion and personality to an otherwise standard marketing email. No matter the business, product, or service, these five copywriting basics should be applied to every single email sent if tangible results are the goal:

  1. Clearly communicate “what’s in it for me” to your audience. When subscribers open your emails, they are mostly looking to understand how whatever you are marketing can make their lives better. Avoid wasting too much copy explaining why your brand is so great, and instead get right to the point about how your product or service can help them. Within the first moments of opening an email, readers should understand what’s in it for them.

  2. Focus on the subscriber, not your business. As subscribers read through their email, they should feel like you are speaking directly TO them, not AT them. Rather than shining the spotlight on your business, products, or services, your copy should make readers feel like what you are offering already belongs to them. An essential tactic here is writing in second person; rather than saying “take 50% of all purchases” say “stock your wardrobe by taking 50% off your order.” This small but highly-effective change makes your emails more personable and memorable.

  3. Include a concise call to action. Your call to action is arguably the most important part of your email after it’s been opened. Though there are many design tools at your disposal to help encourage readers to act, such as bold lettering and colorful buttons, actionable verbiage is the true driver behind engagement. Take the workload off readers by making your call to action obvious with phrases such as “read the report” or “register now” so people aren’t left guessing about the next step. When applicable, include a sense of urgency that taps into your audience's emotions with verbiage like “take advantage of your 25% before time runs out” or “start your limited time trial now.”

  4. Avoid too much copy. TMI, or “too much information,” isn’t just a conversation killer in the real world – it’s also unfavorable in the digital landscape. Clutter is an instant email killer, so be sure your copy speaks immediately, gets to the important stuff and only includes essential details. By keeping your copy as tight and concise as possible, you reach your subscribers faster and more efficiently, which works for both you and them.

  5. Proofread for accuracy, spelling, and grammar. This “basic” seems like a no-brainer, but it’s remarkable how often you will find mistakes just by skimming through all the marketing emails you receive daily. Even digital tools like spell-check will miss errors or make recommendations for your copy that don’t make sense. So, be sure to read your own work and then get a separate set of eyes on it. Perfection doesn’t exist, but it’s important to try and get close.

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