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Optimizing For Success

There is no denying the hardships of email marketing. Your message might be fantastic, but so much of the victory relies on the complex settings behind your email.

An article published on Memeburn explains what email marketing tactics are inspiring audiences to read the message, and more importantly, why.

Author Justine Jordan explains that optimization features in marketing software can make all the difference. When marketers optimize preview text, readers who might not have been enticed by the subject line can be hooked for additional stories within. Additionally, preview text offers up to twice as much character space as subject lines, so more of your top-line copy can be included in the reader’s first glance.

Optimization doesn't stop in the inbox. Email marketers are always seeking the balance between text and images within an email, but fall short when none of the content actually loads. Audiences often open emails to blocked images or unreadable text, rendering the message completely useless. To avoid this problem, testing across multiple platforms is key.

Email marketing shouldn't be seen as a “guaranteed form of marketing”, but it should be highly effective with the right software. Thankfully, ResponseGenius software has the above obstacles covered, to increase your campaign success.

Let ResponseGenius help take your email marketing to the next level -

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