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Nailing A First Impression In The Digital World

In what instances do you find initial follow-ups most important for nurturing long-term relationships? Maybe it’s a big interview, or even a first date. A courteous note reminds the other party that you are actively engaged with fostering a relationship, which typically leads to further conversation, and ultimately fidelity. This same practice should be applied to your email marketing – an online world where first impressions can make or break your audience base.

A subscriber is most engaged when they first join your email list. A quick follow-up acknowledging their interest fosters an emotional bond between your user and your brand. In 2015, an email marketing study found that welcome emails increase long-term engagement with a brand by 40% and reading 3+ emails in a welcome series increases engagement by 69%.

Welcome emails come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – some simple and friendly, others with discount codes and enticing offers. Some brands even go as far as welcoming new audiences with an introductory “series” that includes multiple follow-up emails aimed at integrating users into the holistic brand lifestyle. Fear not if your company isn’t in the position or business of offering something of monetary value. These welcome emails can forgo discounts, coupons, and other offers if the message is personable, inviting and brand building.

With advance automation tools, found in the ResponseGenius solution, this early communication can be flawlessly executed and a cost-effective benefit to your brand. What’s most important is to plant the seed for a budding relationship in your audience’s inbox. From those seeds the resulting growth is off to its greatest start.

Let ResponseGenius help take your email marketing to the next level -

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