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Mind Your Manners and Please Remember Your “Thank Yous”

When someone does something that is of benefit to you, it’s imperative to say thank you. So, when subscribers and customers interact with your brand in a way that is favorable, why not do the same? Manners matter, even in email marketing!

In your efforts to be more personable with your subscribers, consider ways in which you can express gratitude in your campaigns. Whether it’s an automated response to a completed survey, a purchase, or subscription enrollment, a simple gesture of appreciation goes a long way. There is even research to back it up!

A recent study found that email subject lines that include “thanks” and other forms of gratitude typically outperform email subject lines that do not. Emails that include terms like “thank you!” and “with heartfelt thanks” in the subject lines had average unique open and unique click rates that were 69% and 38% higher, respectively, than subject lines without expressive messages.

But don’t stop there; manners should go beyond the subject line. Within the body of Thank You emails, consider adding extra information that might benefit or supplement your subscriber’s action. If a purchase was made, include customer support details and receipt. If they’ve completed a survey or other action, provide the option to give feedback to boost engagement. Most importantly, keep the tone of your thank you email personal, friendly, and conversational to avoid sounding overly formal or robotic.

One of the simplest ways to display your gratitude towards subscribers and boost customer engagement at the same time is to mind your manners. In the long run, this humble but impactful gesture generates goodwill for your brand and bolsters brand loyalty.

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