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Millennials: A Need for Speed

With many young consumers relying on social media for the dissemination of news and entertainment, email marketing has become a harder landscape to navigate among millennial users. This population segment wants information faster than ever, and email can satisfy this need.

A article in Business 2 Community explains that speed and reliability of emails are often the breaking point for audiences. Author Bill Conn writes, "everyone agrees that emails should be light and streamlined: [millennials] are intolerant of waiting for images to load on their smartphone."

Conn offers suggestions for achieving this speed so many millennials crave, but many veteran email marketers might be reluctant to make these changes.

"It’s time to ditch the fancy HTML-formatted marketing emails in favor of straight up-text versions", he said. The reasoning – mobile responsiveness increases when intricate design is decreased.

Another trend is incorporating informal, conversational copy – but tread lightly. Too conversational and you’re indigestible; too formal and you’re irrelevant. It’s suggested to type your email as if you were speaking to a customer in person.

Finally, emojis work. A GoDaddy survey sampled 1.5 billion emails and found that emojis in subject lines increased open rates by 20 percent. While it’s important to remain true to your brand identity, it might make sense to include a cute icon from time to time.

No fear – email marketing is still an incredibly reliant tool for consumers around the world. A quick face-lift to your campaign can turn up the positive response among your audience almost immediately.

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