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Increasing Readership as Attention Spans Shrink

Way back in 2015, a Time article reported that human attention span is less than that of a goldfish – around 8 seconds. All these years later, it’s likely even shorter.

With an influx of emails flooding our inbox every day, how do the most successful email marketers win over the most impatient readers? If you’re looking for the answer to make your readers more engaged, here are some best practices to better keep their attention:

  • Keep introductions to a minimum. Your readers likely know your brand and the types of content you publish. Use a brief introduction to show readers your content is valuable and spotlight any new knowledge your readers can expect to learn.

  • Avoid going overboard with hyperlinks. Using external resources shows your credibility, but copy can look physically confusing if there are too many links. You’re also tempting your readers to look at something else!

  • Ensure your content is social media AND mobile friendly. Headlines and images are most important on social media as there is less space for body copy in the design, so make sure your content stands out in a crowded newsfeed. If your campaign displays poorly on mobile, readers are more likely to move on to something else.

  • Captivate readers with thought-provoking headlines. Look to create headlines that entice viewers to click for more information. Work to strike a balance between answering questions within the email and leaving them wanting more by clicking to your website, landing pages, etc.

  • Include digestible data. Articles that feature sound bites and statistics from reputable sources stand out as more credible than something based on personal thoughts and opinions.

Of course, the best way to keep readers around is to have fantastic content. But look for opportunities to incorporate these tips into your emails to lure your audience and keep them asking for more.

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