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How Does “Blockchain” Affect Email Marketing?

What do you think when you hear “blockchain”? If you think of high-flying cryptocurrencies, or simply have no idea what it is, you are not alone.

In layman’s terms, blockchain decentralizes where data is stored and how it is protected and validated. Earlier technologies require data to be maintained on one server that is also responsible for keeping this data safe, but blockchain flips that on its head. Blockchain instead stores all data in a public ledger (or chain) maintained by all users of the chain. Because the ledger is public and maintained by many different users, there is no central point for hackers to target or manipulate data without all users of the chain becoming aware.

Blockchain technology is a major disruptive force in a wide variety of industries that are beginning to see its commercial potential. Email marketing is one of the fields that could benefit from widespread acceptance of this emerging technology.

Blockchain can provide a big boost to customers who value their privacy, as it could improve email marketers’ ability to protect consumers’ personal information and data. Both parties can also be assured that their communications are secure as the records of their communications are maintained and protected collectively by all parties involved. Phishing scams would also be hampered by blockchain technology, as email recipients could easily validate that messages are being sent by email marketers rather than malicious third-parties.

Although blockchain can enable potential consumers to take better control of how they share and maintain their data with marketers, this can ultimately work to marketers’ benefit. If user data is stored in a public chain, it could give email marketers greater visibility into up-to-date customer information and behaviors that they can then use to develop more targeted and personalized messages and campaigns. Blockchain is sure to continue changing how many industries operate and how customers and companies interact. You can learn more about this technology and how it will impact your email marketing operations from the folks at Business2Community.

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