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Get By with a Little Help from Your (Email Marketing) Friends

Great email marketing is effective, reinforcing, and inspiring, but it often has MANY moving parts and can be very time consuming when done right. While email marketers know how to get it done, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day – or some days you don’t have the creative bandwidth – to produce the best campaign possible. That’s when it’s time to call in reinforcements.

According to Litmus’ 2019 State of Email Survey, 3 out of 10 marketers outsource email work occasionally to help with everything from special projects and seasonal campaigns, to list building and day-to-day work. There’s no shortage of agencies, consultants, and freelance professionals to assist with both strategic and technical tasks, but it’s important that you’re bringing on the right sidekick for the job.

The easiest responsibilities to outsource are one-off assignments like email template redesigns, migration, and special campaigns or projects. On one hand, the outsider’s perspective can bring new ideas or a fresh set of eyes to an important project. On the other, freelancers or agencies will have a steeper learning curve to ensure they are familiar with your brand when managing the daily responsibilities of email marketing campaigns.

Many times, the only thing email marketers are lacking is time. Bringing in outside help during peak and holiday seasons to assist with copywriting, design, deployment and more is commonplace. To help with the learning curve and save time during on-boarding, think about preparing a brand guidebook, template, or to-do list to keep agencies and freelancers on track and on-brand.

Another smart way to outsource is to offload major technical projects that require loads of time and attention. General email marketing tasks, including list maintenance, coding, translation, and more, are common across many brands and don’t require a ton of on-boarding.

Outsourcing responsibilities to agencies or individual service providers may sound expensive but consider the cost of adding another full-time employee to your team, the cost of paying over-time, or the implications of stretching a team too thin. As with most business initiatives that can tax your internal resources, it’s essential to be honest about the quantity of work you or your team is capable of handling. The ultimate goal is always to deliver the quality you require for true success.

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