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Finding Your Tribe in the World of Email Marketing

It’s important to have a professional community – not just for networking purposes, but for advice, support, comradery, and friendship. Unfortunately, whether it’s because of freelancing, working remotely, or simply because so much time is spent behind a computer screen, email marketers can often find themselves more isolated.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to make connections within the email marketing community. Here are three easy and exciting ways to connect with like-minded people in the marketing world:

Join a LinkedIn Group LinkedIn, a professional social media network, is a great place to participate in thoughtful conversations, brainstorm, and to meet people who can benefit your career. Some of the top LinkedIn groups for email marketing include: eMarketing Association Network, one of the largest and most active LinkedIn groups for marketers; Designers Talk, which gathers all kinds of design professionals including UX, UI, IA, web, digital, web development, and more; and Digital Marketing, which includes over 1 million members talking about everything from email marketing to search engine marketing.

Find a Slack Channel Mobile messenger apps are on the rise, and Slack continues rising as a go-to place for communicating with others, collaborating on projects and much more. Slack communities, like Facebook or LinkedIn groups, are a great place for members to share knowledge about specific topics, and sub-groups allow for very niche conversations. Some of the best Slack channels for email marketing include #Buffer, #MarketersChat, #CreativeTribes and #Growmance . Join some of these, or start your own!

Attend a Conference

Email marketers spend a lot of time working and interacting from the computer, so stepping out of the office to attend conferences is a great way to meet new people, learn new tricks and best practices, and have a little fun! Whether you attend solo or make it a team outing, consider signing up for conferences such as Email Innovations Summit, EIQ’s The Intelligent Email Gathering, or Content Marketing World.

It can be intimidating to branch out and meet new people, but the benefits of joining a community goes much farther than ticking a networking box – you can gain contacts, mentors, and even lifelong friends. Whether you prefer to network online, in-person, or a mix of both, it’s time to take the next steps towards finding your tribe.

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