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Establishing a Process for Your Marketing Programs

Marketers often feel like they have a never-ending to-do list of tasks to complete. As work compiles, so does miscommunication. Responsibilities begin slipping through the cracks and deadlines are missed. Organization is important to any line of work, but establishing formal processes is key for marketers tackling complex marketing programs.

You might be thinking that processes can slow down your campaign, but you’ll save time by not having to recall everything you need to do for a project. If you have a defined and repeatable process for managing projects, you spend less time planning and more time implementing. Though launching a new process can pose a learning curve at first, like all things, it gets easier with time and practice.

Processes also lay the groundwork for teams. Without structure, a team is more likely to operate as individuals than a cohesive unit. Uncertainty makes work more difficult, so defining each step in a process (and sticking to it) will allow teammates to know what to expect from the beginning and feel confident about next steps.

Establishing a process also helps people comprehend their individual role within a larger project so each step is accounted for and responsibilities are clear from the start. Team members are also more motivated when they have a well-defined understanding of how their work contributes to overall access.

The best thing about adhering to an official process is knowing that it works. Rather than starting from scratch on every project, a tested process allows teams to jump right into the work without doubt or hesitation. As everyone follows the same trajectory, trust and collaboration are developed organically.

As you prepare to tackle future projects, consider standardizing a process for your marketing programs that is efficient and adaptable.

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