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How Does Your Email Marketing Timeline Stack Up Against Your Peers?

Do you feel like your email marketing process is taking too long? Are you worried it’s not taking longer? Litmus’ 2019 State of Email Workflows asked more than 3,000 email marketers how long it takes to produce an email. Find out how you stack up.

When it comes to total production timeline, 53% of brands spent multiple weeks producing an email – measured from the start of brainstorming until it is sent.

Source: Litmus 2019 State of Email Workflows

When it comes to production time allocation, email marketers report that the most time-intensive tasks are graphics and design, coding and development, and the review and approval process.

Source: Litmus 2019 State of Email Workflows

In terms of output volume, while it was reported that larger teams take longer to develop emails, they’re also more likely to have more emails in production at any given time.

Source: Litmus 2019 State of Email Workflows

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to email marketing production timelines. Regardless of timeframe, it’s crucial to prepare an email campaign calendar, complete with tasks and deadlines to keep you or your team on track. Not only does a calendar keep things moving forward, but it also improves quality control and serves as a consistent project framework that can be implemented across multiple campaigns.

While your email workflow might not look the exact same as your peers, setting realistic goals and timelines that fit your business strategy will help drive results and make campaigns easier to create and implement over time.

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