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Focusing Your Email Strategies During the Summer

Most people, whether they think about it or not, change their email habits when summer rolls around. Summer typically means unwinding in the sun, family time, and disconnecting from work and life online for a bit. But these days, ditching screens while on vacation is becoming harder and harder to do. People still feel the need to get a bit of work done or check a few emails while traveling. Some studies have shown that up to 60 percent of employees still check work emails while on vacation.

So although summer months typically mean less email engagement, subscribers aren’t totally unplugged. Here are a few ways you can still reach your audience during the heat.

Design your emails for mobile screens

It’s generally understood that as people head out on vacation, they tend to leave their laptops and home computers behind. This means they become more reliant on their phones and other mobile devices to stay connected. Designing your message to be viewed on a small screen is a good way to ensure your audience is still receiving your content.

Ensure your messages are still relatable

Although targeted messages are always a key point of email marketing, it can have even greater importance during summer months. Referring to topics that users are experiencing in the moment – like fireworks around July 4th and having kids home from school – is a surefire way to better connect with users. This targeting can be even more important if you are trying to reach an international audience. Trying to market swimsuits in July to subscribers in the Southern Hemisphere (which would be their dead of winter) is a quick way to alienate your audience.

Don’t forget about deliverability

Given the potential for an unengaged audience during summer months, it’s more critical than ever to stay on top of your deliverability metrics during summer campaigns. These metrics offer important intelligence about the effectiveness of your summer-focused messaging, but can also provide insights into the responsiveness and habits of reliable subscribers during the summer months.

Vacations will end, kids will go back to school, and people will go back to their typical email habits, but following these tips will help you better engage with your subscribers year after year.

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