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Coming to Your Inbox Now: Google’s AMP for Email

Capturing customer attention and driving customer interaction lies at the heart of all email marketing actions. Thankfully, Google is doing its part to make things just a bit easier. Earlier this year, the company launched AMP for Email, a long-awaited framework to help users send increasingly interactive and dynamic content to their customers. The new function is built off the original AMP (Accelerated Media for Pages) platform used to quickly load and view web pages that launched in 2016. AMP for Email allows users to build certain app functionalities directly into their email messages so recipients no longer have to leave a message behind to interact with its contents. For example, if email marketers want to send a message to customers alerting them to an upcoming event, recipients no longer have to open a link in a new browser window and RSVP to the event on the sender’s website. Instead, email recipients can view details about the event, RSVP to it, and save it to their own calendars all within their own email client.

Because recipients can essentially use an email marketing message as a one-stop shop for interacting with your content, AMP can drive even longer customer read times and boost customer interaction. AMP for Email brings powerful functionality that underscores the need for marketers to develop personalized and engaging messages that will draw initial reader attention. At the same time, it can help naturally drive interaction with your content by streamlining the process for users.

With Google’s AMP for Email now available on all domains, businesses have been quick to adapt. Its features are already being used by companies like, Pinterest, and OYO Rooms, but many more users are sure to follow as AMP for Email’s general release enables companies of all sizes to take advantage of its functionalities. The use of AMP for Email is also likely to continue increasing when Google releases compatibility with Gmail’s mobile apps in coming months.

Google isn’t the only email platform that’s getting in on the action; leading email platforms including Outlook and Yahoo Mail have either begun integrating AMP into their own platforms or will be doing so in the near future. Google has also partnered with leading email marketing tool providers like Litmus to help end-users take full advantage of all AMP for Email has to offer. As AMP for Email continues to spread throughout the email marketing space, users are sure to continue developing more and more creative techniques for using its powerful functionality and driving customer engagement.

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