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Six Tactics for Getting Your Content the Attention It Deserves

In the saturated digital universe we live in, simply having great content is no longer sufficient for getting the results you want. Promoting and sharing your content is critical for success, and your sales will often directly correlate to how many people actually view and interact with your content.

In order to be successful, marketers must be proactive about promoting their content in order to generate leads. Here are some unpaid, organic content promotion tactics your brand can adopt in order to become more visible in the marketplace:

  1. Proudly broadcast your content to your email list Brands are more likely to receive a click-through from an email subscriber than someone on social media. When you are ready to share a new piece of content, give your email subscribers a sneak peek and encourage them to click through to your website. In doing so, you can even offer loyal subscribers an exclusive first look before sharing through other channels (social media, physical, etc.) to further drive engagement and develop loyalty.

  2. Use relevant hashtags on social media When posting your content on social media websites, utilize related hashtags to help broaden the visibility of your content. Not only will a wider range of users be able to discover your content, but they will also generally be more engaged than a random person because your hashtags are tailored to their interests.

  3. Incorporate strong visuals into your content Many people are more inclined to look at visual content than text, so appeal to a larger audience by incorporating interesting visuals and graphics into your content to boost the chances of it being shared. There is a plethora of tools and services that can help you create your own branded graphics that are eye-catching and easily shareable.

  4. Encourage your customers to share your content Interactivity doesn’t just apply to the contents of your message; it also applies to your message itself. To reach a wider audience, encourage your followers to share emails or social media with their network of friends and colleagues with incentives. Examples include offering a special discount code for every friend that signs ups with your email link, or raffle entries for every person a follower tags on your social media post.

  5. Explore guest-posting Seek out guest posting opportunities on reputable websites and blogs that will allow you to include links back to your own content within the post. Guest posting not only helps your message reach a wider audience, it boosts your brand’s authority and credibility. While some of these opportunities are not free, you may be able to reach more prospects on a popular website than on social media.

  6. Look beyond the obvious social media channels You may be investing a large portion of your budget in marketing on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but don’t ignore less obvious marketing vehicles like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Periscope. The creative opportunities are endless for tapping into new communities on these apps, and the more outside of the box, the better. For example, a kitchenware retailer might take to Pinterest with recipe ideas using their products, or the founder of a nonprofit or startup might write a LinkedIn blog post about their entrepreneurial journey.

  7. Get your employees excited Maximize your reach by encouraging your best spokespeople—your employees—to share your content. While this grassroots level marketing doesn’t necessarily always have a global reach, it engages your most passionate and informed followers to spread the word.

Creating content isn’t enough to drive traffic to your website alone but employing some of these promotional tactics can help your brand gain the attention it deserves.

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