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Crazy for Coupons

The act of cutting coupons may be waning, but the popularity of coupons isn’t going anywhere. Saving money is a major priority for consumers, and retailers are making it simpler than ever before thanks to digital offers and an array of apps optimized for smart devices. Today, consumers are frequently using shopping-list applications (like Favado, Grocery Pal, Ibotta), deal-comparison apps (like Shopzilla, PriceGrabber), and brand-specific apps that offer special discounts to shoppers who have downloaded (like Target’s Cartwheel, Walmart’s Savings Catcher).

The recent 2k18 Coupon Intelligence Report completed by media delivery company Valassis explored the primary drivers of online and in-store purchases. The report, which highlights how savvy consumers are using modern options to save money, can be informative to email marketers looking to boost sales.

One of the key takeaways is the sharp increase of coupon use among millennials. At the start of 2018, millennials “always or often” used coupons, increasingly via smartphones, devices, and loyalty cards. However, digital coupons weren’t the only thing saving people money – paper coupon use increased to 93% in 2018 from 88% in 2017. When it came to mobile coupon use, consumers relied heavily on mobile saving apps, seeing percentage gains across all forms of apps from 2017 to 2018. The most popular mobile saving apps included brand savings apps, cash back/points apps, and coupon apps.

When it comes to understanding who is shopping where, the report found that in-store shoppers skewed female and were more likely to be promotion sensitive. Online shoppers motivated by convenience, skewed male, were more likely to have children, and had the highest coupon usage over in-store and omni-channel shoppers.

So, what does all of this mean for email marketers? The most obvious fact is that consumers are always looking to save money and will use coupons when available to them. Looking to apply this information to your email marketing campaign? Find ways to integrate coupon offers into your campaigns that will drive in-store and/or online purchases. Also, research cash back and coupon apps that are open to adding new brands to their consumer marketplace to give your brand more exposure and help your customers save money while boosting your own sales.

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