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How to Measure Your Content Marketing Efforts

Email marketers use content marketing as a powerful tool for boosting brand awareness, garnering attention from prospective customers, and converting those prospects to brand loyalists. If you are currently engaged in content marketing, have your efforts been successful in bringing in new subscribers and customers?

The success of your content marketing efforts can often be difficult to quantify because success can be the result of many factors outside of your core strategy. If you’re looking to better understand the results of your content marketing, look at your plan in three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion.


Exposing new people to your brand is one of the most important goals when growing your business. If your content marketing strategy is working, you will see your brand receiving higher ranking and more impressions in search results, increased web traffic from new visitors, and more social engagements.


As your brand awareness increases, so does your potential to engage with new customers. If your marketing plan is encouraging new users, you’ll see them reading, sharing, commenting, and interacting with your content. This could be anything from newsletters, FAQ pages, or case studies – all supplementary materials that help accelerate consideration and inspire action. Measure the hard data of these efforts by observing the changes in page views, bounce rates, content downloads, visit duration, and click-through rates.


The ultimate goal in content marketing is converting a prospect into a subscriber or customer. This category is easiest to measure; conversion can be measured by actions such as increased sales, responses to marketing emails, or a completed contact form.

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