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Your Millennial Checklist

Did you know millennials are the most-studied generation of all time? For better or for worse, this generation harnesses substantial influence on various markets, trends, and practices, one of which is email marketing.

Paula Chiocchi, CEO of Outward Media, Inc., recently penned a Forbes article entitled ‘Three Questions Marketers Should Ask When Emailing Millennials’. At the helm of a company providing multi-channel marketing data, Chiocchi elevates the conversation with her longtime insight of email marketing data and target markets.

Chiocchi first suggests questioning the relevancy of your content. In an age where information comes to us by the boatload, it’s mandatory to be pertinent. If your content isn’t appealing or applicable to the millennial audience, you’ll miss an opportunity at grabbing their attention or long-term loyalty. To ensure your relevancy, Chiocchi suggests determining your “target’s preferences, interests, job title, company name and more, so that when you do communicate with them it’s on point.”

Your second question should be if your content is authentic. Because millennials value this trait, it’s important to be genuine in your messaging. When your target audience finds your business approachable, they are more likely to establish deeper connections with your brand. Chiocchi notes that videos are a great tool for authentic messaging, as are opportunities to discuss your company’s background or story.

Finally, is your content shareable? Being one of the most influential generations, it’s crucial to capitalize on a millennial’s willingness to share content that promotes their personal identity or brand. Chiocchi writes, “It should be easy for a millennial customer or prospect to navigate to your social media accounts from within your email campaigns.” When your content connects across various platforms and channels, you reach your target subscriber and more distant audiences.

Chiocchi closes by encouraging readers to engage with the real experts – millennials themselves. When you engage them in the conversation, you gain an arsenal of valuable feedback to elevate your own marketing efforts.

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