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Showdown: Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

A recent article asserted the bold opinion that email marketing is better than social media marketing. At ResponseGenius, we might be a little biased, but we couldn’t agree more.

So why does the author believe email marketing reigns strongest?

First of all, emails are more personal than social media posts. Author Deepak Kanakaraju writes, “emails can be customized better than websites because you clearly know who your target audience is.” Subscribers will often find these customizations are more useful for their wants and needs as a consumer.

Secondly, your audience is locked into your communication. When audiences sign up for your correspondence, they consent by handing over their email address. On social media, while users might choose to get updates from your various accounts, you do not have a point-to-point communication channel. The author writes, “That's why when you are building an audience, it is always advisable to create an email list instead of building an audience on a platform that is not under your control. You don't want to build your dream home on someone else's land.”

Finally, the author utilizes email marketing to help build relationships. At ResponseGenius we work closely with all of our clients to use our email platform to build customer loyalty with their audience. As a one-on-one communication tool, email marketing is an effective tool to form long-term relationships. While social media can effectively communicate, strong bonds are seldom found in such a public forum accessible to millions of viewers.

So while we don’t suggest you abandon your social media accounts, it is important to recognize how email and social marketing tools are better suited for different types of communications. Think about using your social media accounts to discover new customers and build your brand’s presence, while using your email marketing to form long-lasting relationships and build revenue for your business.

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