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Build Your Email Lists Rather Than Buy

The ongoing strength of your email campaigns are only as effective as your subscriber lists are strong. A qualified and responsive house file has always been the life-blood of a successful, traditional marketing campaign. The same hold true for email. An excellent email list is composed of an audience that is directly interested and engaged with your products/services. Long term, your house names will make or break any campaign you send.

The power of a good subscriber list is limitless, which is why you cannot be frugal. We don’t mean with money – we mean with time.

Email marketers often make the mistake of purchasing their lists rather than investing the time in building a thoughtful, strategic list. Not only are you at risk for less-than satisfactory email results, but it can potentially damage your mailing reputation.

One major drawback of using a purchased email list is because many email service providers won’t allow you to use purchased lists. This is not the case with ResponseGenius, we never restrict our clients, but it can present its challenges. We talk with many email marketers and agencies who look to our ResponseGenius platform either because they have been removed from other platforms for using outside lists or because their sending reputation is being damaged by others using questionable outside list in shared IP pools.

Another reason to be wary of purchased lists is because the people you will contact don’t recognize you or have any relationship with you. These lists – whether built from sketchy methods or murky opt-ins – can be incredibly off-putting to your audience that doesn’t yet know or trust your brand. Without the recognition, your email likely to be banished to the “spam” box.

Therefore, invest time into growing your opt-in email list. One way to quickly grow your list is to create gated-assets that require people to provide their email address – these include webinars, e-books, newsletters, white papers, surveys, templates, special sales and products… the possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, you should be promoting these assets across your own marketing channels. The most efficient channels include social media and email, as they allow for instant communication with users.

Finally, spend less time purchasing lists and more time making your email marketing campaign more creative and responsive. Your audience is far more likely to forward and share something that is truly enticing. One of the best ways to organically expand your list with like-minded users is to make your content so captivating that they have to share. Pro tip: include a call-to-action to inspire readers to share your email.

Since every day only has 24-hours, use some of it wisely planning and executing ways to build your internal email marketing lists. By doing so, you'll increase your success significantly in the long run.

Let ResponseGenius help take your email marketing to the next level -

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