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New Email Marketing Trends To Consider Now

As we continue to advance into 2017, what are the emerging new trends for you to explore now with your digital marketing?

Litmus recently asked more than 1,200 email marketers what they felt were the most promising trends for 2017. While there was no one overwhelming standout, the following six marketing trends mentioned most by email professionals should be on your horizon.

  • Automated emails

  • Big data personalization in email

  • HTML5 video in email

  • Omni channel email experiences

  • Interactive emails

  • Email encryption

Perhaps the most exciting of these new trends based on the survey feedback was ‘interactive emails’, in which readers can take action within an email. These elements can include everything from image galleries to quizzes to search bars, allowing seamless accessibility through an email without diverting to a landing page.

This trend obviously faces challenges, including technical obstacles when delivering to older email clients, lack of Gmail support and changes to the way your engagement is tracked. Regardless, interactive emails ultimately can improve your subscriber experience and spice up your campaigns.

Less “exciting ” to the survey takers (but a notable trend nonetheless) was email encryption. Following a year of security breaches and scandals, email clients are making security a number one priority for their platforms. Supporting this call for email safety is an increasing demand for privacy amongst businesses and individuals as more personal information is transferred via the internet.

Only time will tell what trends exceed (and diminish) in 2017.

Of course, we’d love to talk with you about the trends that you are excited to explore in 2017 and how the ResponseGenius team can help you create better results with your digital marketing. You can reach us at 561-676-5350.

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