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Summer's Just Ending, But It's Never Too Early For End-Of-Year-Prep

Summer is burning on for many, and the holiday season is far away… right? Regardless of your season preference, the warm days will soon be replaced by shorter days, colder nights, and holiday madness. For your business, the fall season might be one of the busiest. For those entrenched in building out their audience and brand, the time to begin crafting your end-of-year campaigns starts now.

The holidays are a great earmark for your businesses calendar year – a period that has seen a lot of change for your brand! As you near the end of your year, it’s important to analyze your successes and failures over the past twelve months. This begins with taking a look at what worked, and what did not. Did a couple of your campaigns do particularly well? Did any of them flop, and if so, why? Now is the time to review your many campaigns over the past few months to see what is working and what can be improved. The winning elements, offers and lists can be integrated into your seasonal and end-of-year campaigns, leaving your audience with the strongest last impression of 2016 possible.

Speaking of audiences, it’s probably time to take care of some simple admin cleanup. Heading into a busy holiday season, it’s crucial to tidy up the back-end of your portal, including email lists, test folders, and reports. Holiday season is a chaotic time for your business, so to ensure seamless communication with you and your audience, take the time to complete the mundane housekeeping while your schedule is flexible. Even better, your Response Genius portal will be fresh and better than ever at the start of the New Year!

So say goodbye to the warm summer months. It’s time to start thinking about your wintertime communications plans. Soon enough, you’ll be set to go through the end of the year and beyond.

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