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Say Goodbye To The Time And Stress Of Proofing Your Email Campaigns

With the many professional and personal demands in your daily schedule, life moves pretty fast. In email marketing, testing emails for accuracy and proper sender-validation often takes your valuable time, but is critical for maximum deliverability and effectiveness. At ResponseGenius, we’ve taken matters into our own hands to support our clients. We’ve incorporated an exciting e-marketing feature, Litmus Checklist, into our platform to support easy, proper and thorough testing before email campaigns are sent – assuring your best deliverability.

Integrated into our platform, Litmus Checklist reviews all components of your emails in a matter of minutes. This behind-the-scenes agent verifies all critical components of an email marketing campaigns, relieving the time constraints of proofing each email. From design to subject line, Litmus Checklist offers ResponseGenius clients with an added layer of confidence before sending any email.

For each campaign, Litmus Checklist previews from 50+ desktop, mobile, and webmail inboxes to ensure each email looks flawless across various devices. Since the majority of emails are opened in mobile devices, these previews offer you the perfect way to optimize your campaigns for this medium.

The service also double-checks for broken images and links, ensuring no viewer is denied access to your important messages. Each report also offers SPAM assassin scores, web analytics tracking terms, the email’s load time, and optimization tips for subject line, sender name, reply-to and preview text.

At ResponseGenius, this innovative service is an added layer of protection and quality satisfaction for all of our valuable clients. We encourage a comprehensive Litmus test on each and every campaign before deployment. ResponseGenius clients are provided 25 Litmus tests per month free of any charge. Additional tests above those 25 are charged at cost only.

Hitting “send” on your company’s next digital campaign should always be done with confidence. Using the ResponseGenius platform, with the Litmus Checklist built into the solutions for your convenience, gives you the best opportunity for your emails to always in-box successfully.

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