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Back To School: Email Marketing 101 Refresher Course

Like most, you’ve probably been enjoying a fairly relaxing summer – it’s hopefully included a vacation or two, long weekends, and decreased workload to enjoy the beautiful weather. For most, the month of September signifies the end of summer. As we all head into some of the busiest months of the year, it’s time to take a little refresher on crafting the perfect email.

You might be wondering why you need this refresher. Don’t worry–we know you’re a pro. Share these tips with your team so you can have the most flawless final quarter yet.

Let’s begin.

  1. Confirm the email remains legible if people have their images turned off. Software like Outlook defaults to turning images off, so make sure your call to action is still visible and clickable. It’s best to send a test message in an inbox set to exclude images.

  2. Double-check every link in your email. Hyperlinking is efficient, smart, and clean! However, rerouting your readers to broken links is frustrating… and even more annoying if you are sending apologetic follow-ups. Double check your links before clicking send so your readers can trust your correspondence. Note: If you are using the ResponseGenius solution, all links will be automatically checked to ensure they are working properly.

  3. Compress your massive images! Make sure you are resizing images so they are optimized for the web. An email should never exceed 50kb, so reference this number before clicking send.

  4. Update your social media sites. This action is two-fold. First, make sure you’re maintaining various social media sites – this comes with regularly updating content AND ensuring these sites function properly. Second, it’s always encouraged to double check that your buttons to social media sites are driving to the most updated pages.

  5. Share the email with someone else before sending. The importance of proofreading cannot be stressed enough. Not only are mistakes embarrassing, they are also incredibly annoying to readers. Take five minutes to share the email with another set of eyeballs to ensure you’re good to go!

Why do we reiterate these common tips? It’s been a long summer, and we want you to have the best fall. ResponseGenius has you covered when it comes to building and executing your best campaign. Just follow the above tips for a perfect 10.

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