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Failing To Deliver?

Someone may have told you that email deliverability was difficult. Well, they were right. BUT, that doesn’t mean impossible. By abiding to best practices, you’re considerably closer to maintaining continued deliverability and inbox placement.

In general, it’s crucial to regularly take inventory of your subscriber lists to ensure satisfactory results.

One of the first steps to ensuring deliverability is housekeeping. Because consumers change their addresses so often, it’s necessary to cleanse your email lists every three to six months to protect your reputation and hard work.

While cleaning, think about segmenting your email lists by confirmed contacts and recently engaged contacts. When you fire off your first round of emails to your most-engaged contacts, you’re warming up your IPs– or showing inbox providers that you’re a legitimate sender with valuable content. When sending to smaller lists later, you’re more likely to have smoother deliverability. It’s nice to be recognized!

But these methods aren’t bulletproof; your message will occasionally bounce or be reported as spam. When this happens, you should always remove these email addresses from your list, no matter how tedious the process. You should also consider deleting contacts that never engage with any of your content.

If you focus on audience engagement, you’re headed in the right direction to total deliverability victory. While ResponseGenius does most of the work for you, it’s important to address these problems proactively to ensure future success.

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