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Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer’s block. Many of us have experienced the agony and frustration.

The struggle to put pen to paper (or in our case, fingertips to keyboard) presents itself for various reasons. It might not be the right time to write. There may be subconscious fear of critique. Maybe it’s lack of inspiration.

It’s important to acknowledge that writing is an art, not a science. Unfortunately, there is no tried and true method to get past writer’s block that can be applied across the board. However, the first step to overcoming any writer’s block is to simply begin.

Many people find that adopting creative solutions can help them overcome these issues. Physical exercise, like going for a walk or getting the blood pumping through exercise, will clear the head and help with focus when it comes time to write. Others apply environmental changes to help create a more conducive space to write.

Some methods are listening to music, sitting in the company of good friends, finding isolation from distractions, or hanging up artwork or other inspirational reminders.

If physical exercise or environmental changes aren’t available, try brainstorming techniques to get past the creative constipation. Free writing, doodling, and writing in bullet points allows the mind to spit out disjointed thoughts that can potentially be strung together or will lead elsewhere. Once a direction is declared, it’s easier to pick up speed.

If you’re experiencing writer’s block, avoid procrastinating or refusing to write until inspiration presents itself. Whether it’s writing for work or play, the best way to overcome writer’s block is to WRITE.

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