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Marketers Rejoice. Gmail Got An Upgrade.

Like most, you may be enamored with Google and it’s many seamless capabilities. Between Google Chrome, its many web applications, and various add-ons, 1.52 billion users utilize Google (2013). Millions rely on Gmail for personal and professional purposes, and the latest update is better than ever for email marketers.

On September 30, Litmus reported applied changes that would allow embedded styles and responsive design within Gmail messages. Before, Gmail forced email designers to use inline CSS to style their emails because embeds were not supported. The update supports embedded CSS with classes and id’s, eliminating the need for inline CSS and supporting media queries and responsive email.

An additional improvement pleasing email designers includes the support of fine-tuned content across a wide range of screen sizes. The update also ensures greater accessibility by allowing designers to use semantic, accessible markup in their emails to preserve content. In future updates, Gmail users can expect typography support and additional support for backgrounds.

At ResponseGenius, we’ve got you covered. Try out the Gmail updates and our built-in Litmus platform will let you instantly preview your email in the new and improved Gmail. Happy sending!

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