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Previewing Email Is More Valuable Than Ever…

Like all great software, ResponseGenius software is constantly evolving to ensure our client’s email communications have their best possible engagement and deliverability. Recent updates to the Litmus platform, which is resident in our solution, are extremely valuable for email testing and analytics. It will guarantee your email’s first impression is stronger than ever.

Introducing the “Subject Line Checker.” Well, more like ‘re-introducing’, because this tool has been around for a while now. But the old dog has been taught a few new tricks, and you can now preview your from name, subject line, and preview text in real time in over 15 popular email clients.

The shiny update allows users to preview and edit easily in the input fields. You can even insert the growingly popular Emojis into the subject line to test their rendering ability. The software update also has the capability to alert you if your subject line and preview text is too long or too short. Just taking the time to run these important tests will help you maximize your email’s impact.

Interested in making sure all your email campaigns are seeing the big picture before you hit send? You can view an overview of potential issues for all available email clients or a filtered selection, depending on your preference. The following email clients are available in subject line checker:


  • Outlook 2003 (Win)

  • Outlook 2007 (Win)

  • Outlook 2010 (Win)

  • Outlook 2013 (Win)

  • Outlook 2016 (OS X)

  • Apple Mail 8 (OS X)

  • Thunderbird (Win)


  • Gmail App (Android)

  • Gmail App (iOS)

  • iPad Retina (iOS 9)

  • iPad Mini (iOS 9)

  • iPhone 5s (iOS 8)

  • iPhone 6 (iOS 9)

  • iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 9)


  • Gmail

  • AOL Mail

  • Yahoo! Mail

So if Litmus testing is not resident in your current ESP platform, or you’re not taking advantage of many of their new services, please let us provide you a quick tour of the ResponseGenius solution. Your subscribers will thank you!

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