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ResponseGenius Software Has Updated Customization Features. Awesome News For Your Templates

Sick of wrestling with pesky design templates that don’t layout EXACTLY as you’d like? Updates to our system are here to rescue you from design woes, and will deliver the easiest experience yet when coordinating your newest campaigns.

Instiller, the backbone of ResponseGenius software, outlines the various updates here. But don’t worry, we’ve highlighted the best of the best below! 

  • Expanded granular padding controls to the template builder 

  • Added individual padding controls for content blocks 

  • Additional padding controls for dividers separating content within a template

  • Updated wire-frame template styles to improve mobile rendering 

  • Expansion of image sourcing within the email designer, including custom fields and external links

The various updates are aimed at allowing for more flexibility when designing your email templates. So long are the days of battling text and image organization within your template. We’re sure these new features can eliminate frustrating hindrances and allow your savvy design ideas to take center stage.

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