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3,2,1... Delete!

It’s no surprise that when it comes to email marketing, audience attention span has significantly decreased – with a plethora of distractions around us and on our mobile devices, a majority of emails are failing to register. Emails that don’t make the cut are often text-heavy and lack eye-catching visuals.

Is it time to abandon text-heavy emails?

A recent Media Post op-ed explains that text-centric emails are becoming a practice of the past. Moving in to replace them are visually rich emails, complete with embedded videos, clean designs, and the occasional GIF. In 2015, a Microsoft study found that the average attention span while browsing a mobile device was down to eight seconds; for iPhone users, mobile email attention span capped out around three seconds.

The article goes on to explain the scientific explanation behind the lasting power of visuals, stating “The brain takes longer to process words because it must process each letter or word shape and then an entire phrase or sentence instead of recognizing a single image. Visuals also stimulate parts of the brain that heighten imagination and creative thinking, and provide visual cues that help humans decode text.”

Not every email can (or should) look like a magazine, but the author suggests a few tactics that are proven to drive attention. Strategies include using graphics, video, animated GIFs, or even an occasional emoji, if appropriate. Ultimately, the most responsive emails are those that use visuals to invoke emotion and call upon viewers to respond.

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you decide to design your emails to be more visually-centric or still feel that text-heavy is the best way to convey your message, always remember that ISPs are looking for text-only back-up with all email sends. Having a text-only alternative for all of your campaigns is part of best email practices and will improve your deliverability.

Using the ResponseGenius solution, an alternative text-only email is generated with a simple, single click, helping ensure your best inbox deliverability.

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