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Optimize your messaging to achieve increased response through our intuitive marketing automation workflow feature.

Dynamic Content

Get impressive results using customized content in campaigns with personalization rules you control.


Maximize relationships and increase profits by putting communication, at the right time, to the right recipient with instant follow-up emails, confirmation, upsell offers and more.


Gain valuable insight into campaign results through automated communication with outside systems as your users complete call-to-actions or reach website goals.


Compel recipients to action when you trigger personalized emails based on birthdays, anniversaries, or other important customer dates to create timely communication.

Click Events

Generate timely and responsive communication by adding simple coding to email templates that tag users and send auto-responders.

Automated Campaigns

Control your message sequence for maximum response when you set conditional rules to trigger a customized series of emails automating your marketing communication.

API Integration

Optimize your marketing and communication requirements into the future. Augment the capabilities of your ResponseGenius solution to integrate with outside databases, CRMs, and most digital contact management innovations for intelligent end-to-end automation.

Dynamic Workflow Design
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