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Unlimited Data Storage

You are never charged for data in the system, just when you use it. Upload and maintain as many lists and addresses as you choose.

Drag & Drop Importing

Manage your data more efficiency through easy import of data via CSV files or other common database formats.


Build improvements into future marketing efforts and powerfully create targeted segments by combining user data, campaign results and response information.

Seed Lists

See exactly how your campaigns render live by sending easy automatic tests or campaign audits to key team members or clients.


Build and clean your database through design and maintenance of forms that provide a number of important tasks as adding users, activity alerts, surveys, creating autoresponders, etc.

Automated Data Cleansing

You can rely on the solution to keep your list clean of known bad data improving deliveralbility, sender reputation and results.

Social Sharing

Virally spread your valuable messaging by dropping in a simple merge tag allowing your  customers to share any of your email campaigns.


Improve open rates and response by creating personalized messaging using easy to insert merge tags into any email template.

Image Hosting

You'll never need to host images in an outside platform. You can upload and maintain as many images as you want in the solution.

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