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100% White Label

We provide you and your clients better control over your brands. Whether as a "Software as a Service" application or full-service model, we provide the technology and support behind the scene.

Custom Sending Domains

You achieve better deliverability because you and your clients control all aspects of your email campaigns, right down to  the sending domain.

Unlimited Clients and Data
Simple, Reliable Pricing

Reselling your service or re-charging an internal department is better facilitated with simple, straight-forward billing from ResponseGenius. You are only charged on transactions on a cpm basis. If you choose an agency solution, then minor additional monthly charges for your solution are added.

Custom Domains

Optimize reporting and increase deliverability by personalizing the sending identity of all emails sent with custom sending and click-tracking domains.

Dedicated IP Addresses

You can protect your sending reputation and control the risk of deliverabilty issues created by other senders by owning and operating your own IPs.

Email Authentication

Ensure your emails are digitally signing and monitoring/highlighting any DKIM or SPF issues.

Blacklist Monitoring

You are provided unparalleled transparency to manage deliverability issues via alert from over 80 blacklist reporting groups.  You'll be able to see exactly what our dedicated mitigation team sees in real-time.

User Complaints

Maintain constant vigilance of potential campaign issues with automated complaint handling through GMail, Yahoo!, and Microsoft feedback loops.

Advanced Analytics for Actively Managing Your Sending Reputation

Manage your IP reputation, Sending/Click-tracking Domains and ongoing Email Performance Ratings effectively with advanced reporting for all dedicated IP addresses, domains and email campaigns.

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Your ResponseGenius solution is scalable and flexible. There are no limits and costs to maintain unlimited secure users, data, lists or creative templates in the solution.

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